3rd October 2022

Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine sits down with Tim Peara, President of Bridge Therapeutics to discuss commercialization and development of its opioid addiction and chronic pain drugs.

29th August 2022

New York, New York – August 29, 2022:  Bridge Therapeutics, a developmental stage pharmaceutical company, today reported continued progress towards Phase 3 FDA approval of BT 219, a patented combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone for Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). Simultaneously, Bridge reported that Darren Prince, an internationally recognized speaker and advisor on matters of addiction and mental health recovery…

29th August 2022

Bridge reported that Darren Prince, an internationally recognized speaker and advisor on matters of addiction and mental health recovery has joined Bridge’s commercial advisory board. He abused opioids for more than 20 years before breaking his addiction, and then went on to help many other people, in and out of the entertainment industry, struggling with opiate…

14th July 2021

Treatment advocates are hailing those new laws as well as several recent changes to federal regulation designed to reduce the stigma around addiction, close gaps in treatment and expand access to critical medications, including naloxone and buprenorphine, a highly effective intervention for opioid addiction.

29th April 2021

In a series of presentations at the 2021 virtual meeting of the North American Neuromodulation Society, Lynn R. Webster, MD, and his colleagues concluded that the novel agent was not associated with significantly decreased respiratory drive and also may have a lower risk for abuse potential than oxycodone.

20th February 2021

In a Jan. 26 statement, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the National Council for Behavioral Health and a handful of other addiction advocacy groups urged Congress to eliminate the training requirement as quickly as possible. “As clinicians and advocates on the frontlines of the addiction and overdose crisis, we call on congressional leaders to…

19th January 2021

The Department of Health & Human Services has issued guidance to do away with the so-called X-waiver, a move the agency said will increase the number of providers able to deliver medication-assisted treatment and therefore increase patient access to care. “The medical evidence is clear: access to medication-assisted treatment, including buprenorphine that can be prescribed…

12th January 2021

“Companies with limited R&D resources can forgo costly and more risky discovery and development of new chemical entities and instead make incremental innovations to existing drugs. In this manner, companies can use the 505(b)(2) regulatory pathway to repurpose or reposition drugs for new indication,” notes Dr. Babul. A 505(b)(2) NDA may differ from a previously…

30th October 2020

Dr. David Fiellin, Director of Yale Program in Addiction Medicine, said, “For individuals who come to an emergency department after an opioid overdose and receive buprenorphine, their one-year mortality rate falls by 40%”. The increased recognition of the benefits of buprenorphine comes at a critical time, the researchers said.  

4th August 2020

The pandemic has led to regulatory changes: Treatment can now be entirely virtual, including the first appointment. Medicare now pays providers the same for a video appointment as a conventional one — many insurers and Medicaid programs have followed. Patients can get a month’s prescription for buprenorphine instead of just a week’s. Forty percent of…