27th February 2018

Is Abuse of a Nerve Pain Drug On the Rise? FDA Intends to Find Out

Greg Sullivan, MD, Chief Scientific Officer and CEO of Bridge Therapeutics, was recently interviewed by Bronwyn Mixter of Bloomberg BNA about the abuse of gabapentinoid pain drugs. Dr. Sullivan explains how buprenorphine is a safe alternative for many of the dangerous drugs that are currently prescribed for chronic pain.

In the article Dr. Sullivan discusses the advantages of Buprenorphine compared to other opioids “buprenorphine was originally developed as a pain drug in the 1970s. Patients who take the drug don’t have euphoria, and it has no sedation and overdose risks” he said. He also went on to recommend “If patients need to stay on a pain drug for more than the standard two weeks when pain becomes chronic, they could switch to buprenorphine and get pain relief without the problems of tolerance, dependence, and lack of pain control” Sullivan said.

Bloomberg BNA is an affiliate of Bloomberg L.P., the global business, financial information and news leader.

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